Response to Elmers, Danny Markey, watercolour on paper, 2013:

Chancing upon Elmers on a darkened night; LA noir, suburban streets, filmic and familiar.

Naive grey Palms loom and protect, reminiscent of negatives – an absent presence.

Photographic terms feel apt to use here in an image punctuated by light: the white-yellow street lamps, the crackling orange neon sign, the golf-park glow of the lawn-light and the comfort of bulbous light-shades that lure us inside.

We want to be inside, but instead we are the reverse (just like the erased Palms), faces pressed up against the window.

Only we can’t quite get to the window, blocked by an invisible frame, forever-bound to stand like a stranger in the road. It rebukes voyeurs like the empty stool in a Hopper night-bar. In this sense it too is a work open to narrative, a loose frame waiting to be wound back upon a spool, completing the story.

Image Credit: Elmers, Danny Markey © The Artist, courtesy of The Redfern gallery.


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