Exhibitions (selected):

• Ways of Working: Creative Business Journeys, for Network for Creative Enterprise at KWMC, June 2019, Curator/producer (freelance)
• Fire: Flashes to Ashes in British Art, RWA, summer 2019 Co-curator (freelance)
• Wake Up and Dream – Oliver Messel: Theatre, Art and Society, University of Bristol Theatre Collection, 2018-19, Curator
• Oliver Messel – Theatre and Beyond, RWA, 2018-19, Curator
• Frink – Blow – Lawson, RWA, 2017-2018 Curator (freelance)
• Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768 – 2017, RWA, 2017, Co-curator
• Lines in the Landscape: Drawings from the Royal Collection, RWA, 2017, Co-curator
• Strange Worlds: The Visions of Angela Carter, RWA, 2017, Exhibition Manager
• Jamaican Pulse: Art and Politics from Jamaica and the Diaspora, RWA, 2016, Exhibition Manager
• Imagined Landscapes, RWA, 2016, Co-curator
• Inquisitive Eyes: Slade Painters in Edwardian Wessex, RWA, 2015, Exhibition Manager
• James Ravilious, RWA, 2015, Curator
• Centre Stage: 250 Years of Theatre in Bristol, RWA, 2015, CO-Curator
• Peter Randall-Page and Kate MccGwire, RWA, 2015, Curator
• Drawing On…The Ingram Collection of Modern British and Contemporary Art, RWA, 2015, Curator
• Shock and Awe: Art, Memory and the Aftermath of War, RWA, 2014, Exhibition Manager
• John and Paul Nash: Brothers in Art, RWA, 2014, Curator
• Power of the Sea, RWA, 2014, Exhibition Manager
• Idols and Illusions: The John Kobal Foundation, RWA, 2014, Curator
• Oneself as Another (inc. Sanctae by Ione Ruquoi),RWA, 2017, Exhibition Manager
• Sophie Ryder: Monumental, RWA, 2013, Curator/ Exhibition Manager
• Eric Ravilious: Going Modern/Being British, 2012, Curator

Art Fund featured Curator of the Month, June 2016