Writing and Editing

Selected writing and editing experience:

• ‘No smoke without fire: Traces and Time / Ruins and Residue’ in Fire: Flashes to she’s in British Art 1692 – 2019 (Sansom & Co. Bristol, 2019)
• Editorial management Luke Jerram: Art, Science, Play (Sansom & Co. Bristol, 2019)
• ‘Untitled’, new text commissioned by Imaginary Advice podcast to be performed live as part of Blah Blah Blah: Imaginary Advice at Bristol Old Vic, July 2018
• ‘The Spaces Between (beneath and beyond)’, exhibition text for The Space Between: Jemma Grundon and Jessica Bartlett, 2018
• Co-author with Alison Bevan of ‘Art Collections’ in The Curation and Care of Museum Collections (London: Routledge, 2019)
• Editor and contributing author Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768 – 2017 (Sansom & Co. Bristol, 2017)
‘Near-Nowhere’ in Near Nowhere: Gill Rocca, exhibition. catalogue, 2016
• Text editor for artist book Silent Quarter by Tim Lane (Bristol: Antlers, 2016)
• ‘Imagining Place’, exhibition essay, Imagined Landscapes, RWA, 2016
‘Half the Truth’, Serena Curmi, artist text, 2016
• ‘Of Feather and Stone’, exhibition essay, Peter Randall-Page and Kate MccGwire, RWA, 2015
• ‘A Celebration of Drawing at the RWA’, Public Catalogue Foundation, 2015
• ‘Drawing Through…’ in Drawing On…The Ingram Collection in Modern British and Contemporary Art, Ed. Gemma Brace and Rebecca Clay (Bristol: RWA, 2015)
• ‘Arboretum’, exhibition essay, Arboretum, 2015
‘The Poetics of Space’ in Back From the Front, Ed. Hazel Brown (Bristol: Bristol
Cultural Development Partnership, 2015) e-book
‘Shadows, Memories and Reflections’ in Brothers in Arms: John and Paul Nash, by Paul Gough (Bristol: Sansom & Co, 2014)
• ‘Sacred Spaces / Public Places’, art, art, art, spring issue, 2010
• ‘Anti-bodies: An interview with Curator Zoe Shearman’, art, art, art, August issue, 2009